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Strathaven Town Mill


The Town Mill exists to support the community of Strathaven and the surrounding area by offering rooms and halls to hire for events and exhibitions. Both the Granary and the Town Mill are run by members, who maintain it and also staff it during events.

Known throughout the county for years as a focal point for community gatherings and particularly musical clubs and groups, it has had many uses throughout its life, even housing the local tourist information office for a short time.

Strathaven Town Mill was built in the 17th century in the shadow of Strathaven Castle, another well known historic landmark. 

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Winds of Change


Brought to you by Tram Direct Theatre Company - at Strathaven Town Mill

Meet the Gourley family. They are dealing with situations we all recognise: parenting, teenagers, school, career, dreams, relationships and plans for the future. The life throws a grenade spiralling them into a situation no one expected. A thought provoking, uplifting drama framed with music and drama. 

"This play is heart warming and full of humour" 
"Anyone who has teenagers will identify with this production" 
"I laughed out loud"

Suitable for ages 12+

TICKETS - £16.96 (inc. booking fee)
Our History

An Integral Part of Working Life

The Mill was built in 1650 by William, the Second Duke of Hamilton, who was then resident in Strathaven Castle which sits adjacent to the Mill. It played an integral part in the working life of Strathaven for three and a quarter centuries.

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Strathaven Town Mill

Stonehouse Road, Strathaven, Lanarkshire. Registered charity number: SC010579