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To give the Town Mill back to the community of Strathaven and the surrounding area by offering rooms and halls for hire for events and exhibitions as well as promoting a wide range of events organized by our members.

The Granary ~ The Thomson Suite ~ The Theatre

Please note that the minimum booking for the theatre is three hours. Please use the box marked numbers to let
us know how many you expect to attend your event. 
For Thomson Suite and the Theatre bookings please contact Val on 07876 373437
For The Granary please contact Jackie on 07732 920405 


The Granary

Once the starting point for the local grain that was destined to be crushed under the weight of the millstones that still mark the lower theatre doors, the Granary has hosted a wide range of professional and amateur exhibitions throughout its many years.

Now predominately used for fairs and exhibitions it is still one of the most hired rooms in the centre, due to its no nonsense layout, electric heating and easy off the road access. Also its isolated location and old foot and a half thick dry stone walls, high volume is never a problem, so the Granary is also regularly used by local bands to rehearse without worry of waking up the neighbours!

Other events also prove highly popular such as the craft fairs & various types of classes. This large, popular Town Mill room also used to house the now absent Strathaven Tourist Information office. Pictures and dimensions of the Granary are coming soon, so please check back for updated information.

Rates available on request

The Thomson Hall

The newly refurbished Thomson Hall offers a unique and cosy space for birthday parties, exhibitions and acoustic perfection for bands to practice.

The hall has seen its fair share of comings and goings in its many years, featuring a picture balcony and mezzanine style staircase, it has a romantic and cosy quality that really captures the history and cultural importance of the building as a whole. With its heavy doors, original roof beams, iron railings and thick dry stone walls it is a truly unique setting.

The Thompson Hall has been used for a wide range of events even hosting the odd wedding reception with no problems and great feedback from all that attended. The hall is also in ideal setting for corporate functions and meetings.

More pictures and dimensions of the Thompson Hall are coming soon, so please check back for updated information.

Rates available on request

The Theatre

Our Theatre has been open since 1977. We put on a range of shows to cover different ages and tastes within the local community.

Folk acts such as The Tannahill Weavers, the Alexander brothers and John Malcolm have played and recorded here and the tradition goes even further back than that. The theatres main use is now the artist area for the Old Mill Recording studios housed in the basemant below. The theatre is a truly magical setting that is sought after far and wide by everything from Folk clubs to drama groups, due to it’s amazing vintage setting and brilliant acoustic qualities. With its classic high wooden stage, thick dry stone walls and those big red velvet curtains, you could be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere else. The theatre also regularly features upcoming local bands and artists providing a platform for fledgling talent to flourish within the local area. Strathaven and the surrounding area is rich in the arts and the upkeep and continuing availability of the Old Mill theatre is essential to it’s progression. The theatre setting at the old mill is not a place that anyone forgets in a hurry. If you really want to impress people that are coming to your show, the theatre is the place to do it! Pictures and dimensions of the Theatre are coming soon, so please check back for updated information.

Rates available on request

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